Owkin Connect product guide

How does Owkin Connect work?

Owkin Connect is our proprietary federated learning (FL) software that powers collaborations between hospitals, research centers, technology partners and biopharma companies in a privacy-preserved way. Our distributed architecture and federated learning capabilities allow data scientists to securely connect to decentralized, multi-party datasets and train AI models without having to pool data. Owkin Connect is based on Substra, an open-source software framework developed by us for orchestrating distributed machine learning tasks in a secure way. Substra is based on the distributed ledger technology Hyperledger Fabric. This forms the heart of Owkin’s fully transparent and non-forgeable traceability platform.

Discover how data scientists can train their machine learning models on decentralized data using Owkin Connect.

How to deploy Connect in a real-world setting?

Owkin Connect can be deployed in either the cloud or on-premise. We can ensure the complete management of the platform so that the partners can simply use it as software as a service (SaaS). This means that we manage the setup of the Kubernetes cluster and the deployment of the application layer, as well as the support of these two layers. Depending on the use case, one or two layers can also be managed by clients. We provide tools to easily deploy the application layer.

Given the variety of use cases, Owkin proposes different deployment and maintenance levels:

Managed deployments

Owkin Connect is deployed and managed by Owkin, on the client’s preferred infrastructure. Available on both cloud and on-premise deployments.

Self-hosted deployments

Self-hosted deployments: Owkin Connect is deployed and managed by the client on its preferred infrastructure. Owkin provides tools to easily deploy Connect, support services, and can optionally host and operate a central aggregator node if necessary. Available on both cloud and on-premise deployments.

Additional services are available to the client, including premium service level agreements (for support and maintenance), custom integration with other software tools, account management, back-ups and other functions.



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