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The Owkin Platform

We connect life sciences companies with world-class academic researchers and hospitals to share deep medical insights for drug discovery and development. Using Federated Learning, and breakthrough collaborative AI technologies, we enable our partners to unlock siloed datasets while protecting patient privacy and securing proprietary data. Through sharing high-value insights we power unprecedented collaboration to improve patient outcomes.

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We help life sciences develop the most effective treatments at scale. Faster.

Owkin unlocks medical insights from siloed, multimodal datasets to help life science companies discover new drugs and novel biomarkers, optimize clinical trials, and rapidly identify patient populations of interest.Learn more about Owkin AI Drug Development Solutions

Discover how machine learning can predict genomic phenotypes from images, across cancer types. Learn more about our AI Patient Identification Tool that predicts best responders to PARP inhibitor treatment in patients with ovarian cancer.

We help researchers collaborate with our Federated Learning technology

Deploy our privacy-preserving infrastructure to implement partnerships with your network of research collaborators.

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Discover how 10 of the world’s largest pharma companies are combining the power of their data to accelerate drug discovery without sharing proprietary information. Owkin collaborative Federated Learning technology is making it happen.

We help you solve the most challenging research questions through our Data Alliances

Our worldwide network of leading academic medical centres, curated research-grade patient data, and cutting edge clinical expertise.
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Why Owkin?

Predictive Models
Research Organizations
Unique Global Datasets

Our AI empowers hospitals, universities, and research institutions to advance discoveries and foster groundbreaking collaborations.

We contribute our technology infrastructure and deep AI expertise to enable researchers to:

AI Drug development
Discover and develop novel AI-based biomarkers and diagnostic tools
AI Drug development
Expand research collaboration while preserving data privacy

We Believe in Connections

Owkin technologies connect the dots between raw medical data and ultimate patient outcomes. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the need for unparalleled collaboration to accelerate breakthrough connections and arrive at actionable insights faster.

We bring a multimodal approach to cancer research in order to rapidly & efficiently identify specific biomarkers in patients. We believe the future of medicine lies in using machine learning on multimodal datasets with a focus on histo-genomic connections in oncology.

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Diagnostic and Interventional Imaging 22nd May 2020
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Integrating deep learning CT-scan model, biological and clinical variables to predict severity of COVID-19 patients

Nature Communications 27th January 2021
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