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Not all data are created equal. Owkin’s framework for sourcing data is based the following three pillars:

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Collaboration with world-class researchers

We combine KOL clinical expertise with our biomedical AI capabilities to generate biological discoveries and improve the clinical utility of AI-powered solutions.
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Our innovative Federated Learning framework allows us to train robust predictive AI models on one or more cohorts by sharing insights while keeping the data itself private, onsite, and safe behind the medical centers’ firewalls.
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Heterogeneous & multimodal data

Biomedical data is complex, heterogeneous, and multifaceted. Our multimodal AI approach encompasses rich longitudinal real-world data and spans modalities: molecular, imaging, pathology, and outcome data.

Sourced from first-class research institutions around the world
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Connect to the data you most need

REAL-WORLD EVIDENCE DATA – Build ad-hoc retrospective cohorts

CLINICAL TRIAL DATA – Leverage existing trials (e.g. investigator-initiated studies)

REGISTRY DATA – Leverage existing registries across diseases

To empower your teams to:

AI Drug development

Identify biomarkers

Identify precise disease biomarkers of survival, recurrence and response to treatment from multimodal datasets.
AI drug development

Develop diagnostic tools

Develop diagnostic tools to efficiently identify specific patient subgroups.
AI drug development

Develop standard & AI-based analysis methods

Develop standard analysis and novel AI-based analysis methods to accelerate and optimize your clinical trials.
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Foster unprecedented data collaborations that are secure and regulatory compliant via our Federated Learning Software, Owkin Connect.

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