OWKIN was co-founded in 2016 by Thomas Clozel, MD, a clinical research doctor and former assistant professor in clinical hematology and Gilles Wainrib, PhD, a pioneer in the field of Artificial Intelligence in biology. OWKIN passed the proof-of-concept phase and is now providing its innovative AI algorithms to several of the largest cancer centers and pharmaceutical companies in Europe and in the US. With offices in New York and Paris, we pride ourselves in building a company culture around transparency, collaboration, challenge, optimism and fun.


Our team is international, multidisciplinary with incredible talent in machine learning, medicine and business. Our data scientists are among the best in the world, with several Kaggle Masters (top global 100), a DREAM Challenge top performer, and publications in ICML, NIPS and other top scientific journals.

Thomas Clozel - Co-founder & CEO
Thomas is CEO and co-founder at OWKIN, leading medical research and business intelligence. He is a former Assistant Professor of clinical onco-hematology at Hopital Henri Mondor in Paris. Thomas is also a former member of Ari Melnick’s lab at the Weill Cornell Medical College where he co-led several projects focused of prediction of resistance to chemotherapy in B-cell lymphoma.
Thomas Clozel, MD Co-founder & CEO
Gilles Wainrib - Co-founder & CSO
Gilles Wainrib is Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder at OWKIN. Gilles leads the OWKIN Lab team driving research in machine learning applied to biomedical imaging, genomics and clinical data. After receiving his PhD in applied mathematics from Polytechnique, Gilles was a researcher at Stanford University and an assistant professor at ENS, where he worked on machine learning algorithms and their applications in biology and medicine.
Gilles Wainrib, PhD Co-founder & CSO
Anna Bondarenko - COO & CFO
Anna is COO and CFO at OWKIN. Prior to joining OWKIN, Anna founded and led Asteria, a consumer logistics services company. She sold Asteria to her Rocket Internet-backed competitor Zipjet. Anna started her career at the investment bank Société Générale. She holds a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago and an MA in International Economic Policy from Sciences Po Paris.
Anna Bondarenko COO & CFO
Derek Russell-Kraft - CLO
Prior to joining OWKIN as CLO, Derek was a senior associate in capital markets and structured finance at Linklaters LLP. He received his JD at Columbia Law School and an MA in business law and global governance from Sciences Po Paris. Derek has a BA in political science from the University of Chicago and began his career at Debevoise & Plimpton LLP in litigation support.
Derek Russell-Kraft CLO
Anna Huyghues-Despointes - Head of Strategy
Anna graduated from HEC Paris and IIM Bangalore. She began her career in financial engineering at Barclays, later joining Global Infrastructure Partners. She then entered the startup world, joining YipitData as a data scientist, and later moved to Balderton, one of the leading European venture capital funds, investing in big data, AI and healthcare startups. Anna is now Head of Strategy at OWKIN.
Anna Huyghues-Despointes Head of Strategy
Meriem Sefta - Head Of Partnerships
A graduate of Polytechnique and MIT, Meriem completed her PhD in cancer biology at Institut Curie while teaching mathematics and statistical analysis at Université Paris-Sud. She was a research project manager before she became a consultant at Aec Partners. She joined OWKIN as Partnership and Translational Research Manager working in both the Lab and Business teams.
Meriem Sefta, PhD Head Of Partnerships
May Kang Yu - Finance Manager
Prior to joining OWKIN, May Kang worked at Mauna Kea Technologies, a French publicly-traded medical devices company. May Kang graduated from Enoes in Paris, she is a French chartered accountant and statutory auditor. She started her career in several CPA and audit firms such as Grant Thornton serving startups and international tech companies.
May Kang Yu Finance Manager
Cedric Whitney - Partnership Manager
Cedric graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in biomedical engineering. Passionate about disruptive technology, he implemented 3D printing at a prosthetics clinic in Bolivia and then joined Bloomberg as a data analyst. He is now a Strategic Project Associate at OWKIN.
Cedric Whitney Partnership Manager
Alicia Simion - Office Manager
Prior to joining the startup community and becoming OWKIN’s Office Manager, Alicia worked for a number of tour operators and event organizers. Alicia graduated from PARIS XII University with a degree in business tourism and event planning.
Alicia Simion Office Manager
Mikhail Zaslavskiy - CRO
Mikhail graduated from Saint Petersburg State University and Polytechnique. Mikhail completed a PhD at Institut Curie, followed by a PhD at Mines ParisTech on computer vision, machine learning and bioinformatics. He joined Cellectics as a bioinformatics researcher and then continued working independently as a bioinformatics consultant. He is now CRO at OWKIN. Mikhail is one of the world’s top 100 data scientists on Kaggle.
Mikhail Zaslavskiy, PhD CRO
Pierre Courtiol - Chief Data Scientist
Pierre graduated from EPITA. He began his career as developer at Netsize, later joining Natixis and Octo, where he focused on data science. He is now Chief Data Scientist at OWKIN focusing on the intersection of biomedical imaging and machine learning. Pierre is one of the world’s top 100 data scientists on Kaggle.
Pierre Courtiol Chief Data Scientist
Eric graduated from Mississippi State University with a PhD in compressed sensing. He then did three postdocs with top research institutions - ESPCI, ENS and Inria - on diverse subjects from statistical physics to machine learning. He joined OWKIN to lead the application of distributed and federated learning technologies to healthcare data.
A graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris, Simon began his career at Solystic and then moved to Smart Impulse as a R&D engineer. He returned to academia as a researcher in deep learning at the Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms under Professor Yoshua Bengio before joining OWKIN as a Data Scientist, focusing radiology images and machine learning.
Maxime graduated from three of the most prestigious schools in the world: Polytechnique, Columbia and ENS. He began his career as a data scientist at Riminder and then joined the OWKIN Lab team. He currently focuses on machine learning for clinical data.
A graduate of Ecole Centrale Paris and ENS, Pierre started his career in data at Datadog. After researching at INRIA on the applications of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to robotics, he joined the OWKIN Lab team to focus on biomedical imaging and machine learning infrastructure.
Chloé Simpson - Data Scientist
Chloé graduated from two of the top engineering schools worldwide: Polytechnique and Stanford where she carried research on EHRs for the Shah Lab. She started her career at OWKIN as Data Scientist.
Chloé Simpson Data Scientist
Paul Herent - Radiologist in residence
Paul is a resident in radiology finishing his medical studies at Université Paris Descartes. In addition to his medical training, he earned an MSc in Cognitive Sciences at ENS. He joined the OWKIN Lab team to build up his machine learning skills while contributing his medical expertise to radiology projects.
Paul Herent Radiologist in residence
Olivier Moindrot - Data Scientist
Olivier graduated from both Polytechnique and Stanford. While at Stanford, he was a teaching assistant for deep learning classes. He joined the OWKIN Lab team to apply his computer vision expertise to histopathological images.
Olivier Moindrot Data Scientist
Vincent Lepage - CPO
A graduate from Polytechnique and Telecom Paris, Vincent began his career in financial engineering for the French Ministry of Finance. He founded Cinequant to develop real-time data mining technologies and later founded AlephD, which was acquired by AOL. Vincent is now the CPO at OWKIN.
Vincent Lepage CPO
Adrian Gonzalez Lopez - CTO
Adrian graduated from Polytechnique and Telecom Paris. He began his career as a developer at KickYourApp and then moved to Kubity where he became CTO. Adrian is CTO at OWKIN.
Adrian Gonzalez Lopez CTO
Paul Mabillot - Lead Developer
Paul graduated from UPMC. He started his career as a full stack developer at Kubity before joining OWKIN’s Product team.
Paul Mabillot Lead Developer
Valentin Amé - Developer
A graduate of Ecole Supérieure du Bois, where he studied wood engineering, Valentin changed his focus to software engineering by studying at Ecole 42. He started his career as a developer at Slidor before joining OWKIN’s Product team.
Valentin Amé Developer
Raphaël Léger - Developer
Raphaël developed web and mobile applications throughout his engineering degree at ESIEE Paris. He worked for several companies as a full stack developer, a lead developer and a product manager before joining OWKIN’s Product team.
Raphaël Léger Developer
Sylvain Toldo - UI/UX Designer
Sylvain graduated from EDNA Design school with a degree in tangible interfaces. He was also a member of READi Design Lab where he carried research on urban interaction design. Sylvain worked in several startups as UI/UX Designer before joining OWKIN’s Product team.
Sylvain Toldo UI/UX Designer
Mathieu Galtier - Project Lead Substra
Mathieu graduated from ENS and Mines ParisTech and completed his PhD in Machine Learning applied to Neuroscience at Oxford and Inria. He started his career at Rythm a neurotech startup where he directed Research and algorithms and lead the Morpheo project. He is devoted to deploying AI in a responsible way. He now leads OWKIN Substra platform, devoted to traceable, reproductible and federated machine learning.
Mathieu Galtier, PhD Project Lead Substra
Camille Marini - VP, ENGINEERING
Camille graduated from Mines ParisTech and completed her PhD in data science in physical oceanography at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie. Prior to joining OWKIN, Camille was an academic researcher and worked in startups focused on reproducible and traceable AI. She is now VP, Engineering of OWKIN Substra platform devoted to traceable, reproductible and federated machine learning.
Camille Marini, PhD VP, ENGINEERING
Guillaume Cisco - Developer Substra
Guillaume graduated from EPITA. Before joining OWKIN as a full stack Developer, Guillaume had the same role at SFR, TF1, Drivy and Rythm. He now works on OWKIN Substra platform integrating private blockchain technology for machine learning traceability.
Guillaume Cisco Developer Substra