OWKINFederated Learning to Accelerate Medical Research


Our mission at Owkin is to use machine learning to develop better drugs for patients.

Patients from around the world suffer from complex diseases and a staggering variety of symptoms. However, they share one thing in common:

Patients have a need for faster development of safer and more effective therapies.

Owkin’s mission is to empower researchers in hospitals, universities, and pharmaceutical companies to:

    • understand why drug efficacy varies from patient to patient,
    • enhance the drug development process, and
    • identify the best drug for the right patient to improve treatment outcomes.

Therefore, Owkin has created a unique research platform, and a portfolio of AI models and solutions.

Owkin Loop is the foundation of Owkin’s research platform: it connects medical researchers with high-quality datasets from leading academic research centers around the world. Owkin Loop is powered by the two main components of Owkin’s Software Stack: Owkin Studio, our machine learning platform, and Owkin Connect, our federated learning framework. Owkin medical research collaborations are in Oncology, Immunology and Cardiovascular diseases.


Owkin Loop

Our worldwide network of leading academic medical centres, curated research-grade patient data, and cutting edge clinical expertise.
Owkin Loop


Predictive Models
Research Organizations
Unique Global Datasets


“Owkin AI models opened our eyes to new results… I was very proud and excited to work with them.”
Prof. Françoise GALATEAU SALLÉ
Department of Pathology Centre Léon Bérard
“Owkin models are not blackboxes like the majority of deep learning models…. they allow us to make new scientific discoveries.”
Department of Pathology AP-HP Hôpitaux Universitaires Henri Mondor