Owkin uses AI to find the right treatment for every patient

We combine the best of human and artificial intelligence to discover and develop new and better drugs at scale.

We bridge shared innovation challenges between biopharma and academic researchers and close the translational gap between complex biology and new drugs.

Everything starts with patient data

Owkin has a new way of seeing the patient and their disease. We subtype patients with distinct biology to find patterns in disease mechanisms which could lead to novel targets and therapies.

Federated Data Network

Substra powers our federated data network giving us access to rich, multimodal patient data to run our internal R&D and help deliver biopharma projects. The technology platform we are developing will be a collaboration zone that connects top academic researchers and data scientists to maximize the value of their data.

Biomarkers & subgroups

We apply AI to multimodal, KOL-defined data to subtype patients and identify novel biomarkers to inform drug discovery, de-risk clinical trials and develop and deploy diagnostics in clinical practice.

Drug discovery

Our drug discovery engines combine our expertise in AI, biology and medicine to fully understand the disease patterns and complex biological interactions defining specific patient subgroups. Our models identify and rank genes and proteins to discover novel targets, pathways, indications, drugs and combinations.

Pre-clinical development

Owkin is establishing partnerships to develop these capabilities.

Clinical development

Our machine learning methodologies de-risk and accelerate clinical trials using patient data and innovative modalities.


Our solutions help pre-screen for biomarkers, and predict outcomes— giving healthcare providers a fuller picture of a patient’s disease. This means more patients can benefit from targeted therapies, making precision medicine more accessible to more patients at an earlier stage of their disease.

Why Owkin?

Hear from our partners

portrait of Arnaud Robert

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“Owkin’s unique methodology, which applies AI to patient data from partnerships with multiple academic medical centres, supports our ambition to leverage data in innovative ways in R&D. We are striving to advance precision medicine and to discover innovative treatment methods with the greatest benefits for patients.”

Arnaud Robert

Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer, Sanofi

portrait of Professor Shahrokh Shariat

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“Owkin combines the power of trials, labs and data science to converge towards the delivery of personalized value-based medicine. Thanks to Owkin's sophisticated computation and inference, together we have generated insights, enabling us to reason and learn, to empower our decision making.”

Professor Shahrokh Shariat

Chair of Urology at the Medical University of Vienna

portrait of Olivier Elemento

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“Without federated learning, most biomedical data would likely remain unused and unavailable to construct the next generation of predictive algorithms.”

Olivier Elemento

Director of Caryl and Israel Englander Institute for Precision Medicine at Cornell University

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Join the conversation

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