Owkin Virtual StainingAutomated Immunostainings

We are developing a technology platform to enable every pathologist and translational researcher to use immunohistochemical & immunofluorescence stainings.

Generate immunostained slides with machine learning

Owkin Virtual Staining allows you to automatically compute a virtual immunostained slide from a digitized H&E stained specimen slide.

Owkin has developed a deep learning data enrichment model that can produce virtual immunostains from existing H&E whole slide images.

It leverages state-of-the-art generative adversarial networks that learn from double or multiplex stained histopathology slides. It enables the model to generate, in a click, immunostaining for any H&E slide, bypassing wet lab work.


Virtual staining in action in Owkin Studio

The virtual staining technology is integrated in Owkin Studio, our machine learning platform for researchers.

Here, we demonstrate the creation of a virtual CD3 stained slide from an original digitized H&E slide. CD3 marker allows identification & quantification of T-cells, and analysis of immune infiltration of the tumor microenvironment. The CD3 stain has high prognostic value, as T-cell activation is linked to overall immune response.

Learn more about virtual staining

Virtual staining is a core project at Owkin, aimed at augmenting the predictive power of our models, improve our interpretability features, and deepen our digital histopathology collaborations.

Read the story of how our virtual staining technology was developed in a featured blog post.

Request access to the technical white paper on CD3 virtual stain.


Owkin immunochemistry & immunofluorescence pipeline

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Hear from our Users

“Virtual staining is a toolkit technology. It allows us to augment our pathology data, unveil new signal and insights, and thus improve diagnostic power and enrich research”

Clinical pathologist – Liver expert

Technical requirements

For use in research setting only

  • Compatible with all standard digital pathology file formats (svs, tiff, tif, support of all major vendors)
  • Inference requires access to GPU compute
  • On-premise or cloud-based deployment
  • Virtual staining is available in Owkin Studio
  • Integration with specific digital pathology workflows and softwares available upon request

Applications in a wide range of settings
For pre-clinical, clinical & translational teams

Enhance your research

Access a wide range of virtual stains, bypassing wet lab work, and unlocking new insights

Enrich retrospective studies

Use our virtual staining platform to explore new biomarkers on existing datasets

Identify high value patient subgroups

Combine multiple stains to better identify subgroups of patients, adapt the stain to each patient

Improve power of predictive models

Enrich all your pathology data to increase predictive power of machine learning models

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