Pharmaceutical companies are constantly striving to deliver drugs that are safer, more effective, and tailored to each individual and their ailment. Such developments will improve the lives of millions of patients suffering from cancer, autoimmune, or cardiovascular diseases. 

To develop these effective and targeted treatments, the pharma industry must study human biology at a level of detail, pace, and scale that has never been achieved before. The most important factor in this research is you. The next wave of discoveries will be built upon the insights drawn from the millions of medical records, radiology images, digitized pathology slides, lab results, and genomic data of patients safely residing in hospitals around the world. 

Owkin is at the forefront of this new wave of discoveries based on your data, and we operate by two guiding principles:

Owkin’s Guiding Principles:

The Right Drug for the Right Patient ASAP

We build AI models to optimize clinical trials and advance prescription habits.

Your Data is Precious

Your data trail says a lot about you, and your sensitive personal health data says even more. Owkin is a pioneer in the application of privacy-preserving machine learning techniques, such as Federated Learning, which allow researchers to discover new insights on disease without ever moving your data from the safety of your local hospital. Furthermore, Owkin ensures that all data access is securely and traceable logged and available to your hospital’s data managers. All of Owkin’s data use is compliant with local ethical body consent processes and data compliance regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.