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We connect world class research institutions

Owkin Data Alliance Network is our worldwide network of leading academic medical centers through which we can access high-quality research-grade patient data and clinical expertise.

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Access the highest-quality data

There are many sources of bulk patient data available from open-source or private providers.

Owkin is different: we target the highest quality, research-grade cohorts that include longitudinal molecular, imaging, pathology, and outcome data.

These datasets are created and curated by world-class medical experts who can highlight biases, gaps in data, and sources of technological heterogeneity.

This data quality and expert insights make all the difference in clinical research.

Power next generation research

Owkin Data Alliance Centers are equipped with our Federated Learning Technology, Owkin Connect. Allowing us to train predictive models across one or more centers while the data is kept onsite, safe, private, and firmly behind respective medical centers’ firewalls.

Our collaborative approach complies with the highest standards for data protection and governance. Owkin Data Alliances offer access to meaningful data insights at scale, making it the best environment for next-generation research.

Realize the potential of our Data Alliances

Leveraging your datasets, we deploy state-of-the-art, interpretable AI to refine our understanding of diseases. We build machine learning models that support clinical and drug development efforts in Oncology.

Make your cohorts AI ready

We offer agnostic tools to power your research with AI, from Data Preparation, to IT infrastructure, to expertise in AI project management.
AI Drug development

Collaborate with your peers

Collaboratively create or validate models without compromising data privacy by leveraging our Federated Learning software.

Participate in sponsored studies

Our teams are well positioned to help with your AI-based publications and grant applications.

Impact patient outcomes

Improve lives by connecting your research to life science organizations and collaborate on clinically useful solutions targeted at making a difference in patient care.

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We work with our partners to conform to IT, compliance & security requirements, by applying best practices and relying on an agnostic deployment mode. Connect with us to learn more.