Owkin Loop is our worldwide network of leading academic medical centers through which we can access high-quality research-grade patient data and cutting-edge clinical expertise.

There are many sources of bulk patient data available from open-source or private providers. Owkin is different: we target the highest quality, research-grade cohorts that include longitudinal molecular, imaging, pathology, and outcome data. These datasets are created and curated by world-class medical experts who can highlight biases, gaps in data, and sources of technical heterogeneity. This data quality and expert insights make all the difference in clinical research.

Owkin Loop is powered by Owkin Connect, a privacy-preserving Federated Learning framework. Owkin Connect allows us to train predictive models on unicentric or multicentric data while the data is kept onsite, safe and private behind the medical centers’ firewalls of their respective medical centers. Owkin Loop offers access to meaningful data insights at scale, making it the best environment for next-generation research.

Federated Learning


Academic and pharma researchers have scientific questions within specific therapeutic areas, pathways or mutations. These might be focused on a specific organ such as the lung or on multi-organ targets such as pan-tumor biomarkers in oncology (Microsatellite Instability or Homologous Recombination Deficiency), or the multiple common pathways involved in autoimmune diseases.  In order to meet the needs of these research teams, Owkin develops AI Consortia focused around unmet medical needs and the most challenging scientific questions. Owkin AI Consortia are powered by federated learning and state of the art AI algorithms. 

We aim to create specific AI Consortia of data, medical knowledge and machine learning models involving researchers from international leading academic medical centres.

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