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Expertise in AI for Biology

AI enables researchers to uncover precise insights and identify complex relationships from immense amounts of data. In addition to quantity, access to high-quality data is fundamental for extracting meaningful insights. Yet, healthcare data is sensitive, difficult to access, and challenging to extract. It is also heterogeneous by nature as patient populations, environment, procedures, and treatment protocols in medical centers vary.

We are capable of handling heterogeneous data from all modalities.

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Developing next-generation ML models

Our unique AI capabilities allow us to train state-of-the-art machine learning models that are:

Trained on high-quality data

Worldwide, multimodal, and expertly curated datasets sourced from our Data Alliance Network.
AI expertise

Powered by Federated Learning

Owkin Connect trains robust models on distributed data across different hospitals without exposing their patients’ sensitive data. 
AI expertise

Interpretable by design

Owkin’s unique algorithms allow researchers to understand the model’s conclusions and identify biomarkers.

Fuel precision medicine

Accessible to our clinical and life science partners to power a precision therapeutic approach. 

Unlock collaborative biomedical research for life sciences and consortia

We leverage our network of partner research centers and curated data sets to meet specific Pharma needs to accelerate and optimize drug development. 

We lead global consortia comprising public and private actors to solve data-sharing challenges within academic and pharmaceutical research. 

Our collaborative model is shaping research in healthcare, discover how.