Federated Learning for Consortia

Build collaborative research projects in a privacy-preserving way with federated learning

A breakthrough technology to set up secure and efficient consortia: data is never shared between partners, only the encrypted model weights travel between the data centers.

The European Commission recently released the Horizon Europe Work Programmes for 2021-2022! Discover our offer for consortia below.

Federated Learning for Consortia allows your collaborative research project to:

Protect data privacy

and leave your data behind your firewalls, thereby also avoiding complex data sharing infrastructures & agreements

Accelerate consortium building

by removing compliance hurdles & facilitating the onboarding of new partners

Control permissions

of data and models for each partner or subcontractor. Leverage traceability features to monitor usage & build trust
Free up resources from data pooling & management work packages to focus on what really matters: your scientific question.

Trusted by large-scale consortia

Our federated learning software Owkin Connect is the ideal tool to learn from distributed datasets among consortium partners. It is already involved in many collaborative research projects centered around medical research.

The European Commission recently released the Horizon Europe work programs for 2021-2022! The applications have opened, with submission deadlines mostly from September to November 2021. This is a great opportunity to leverage federated learning to create collaborative research projects on distributed data in a secure privacy-preserving setting. At Owkin, we are particularly interested in the calls of the Health Cluster, but we would love to support any project fostering a collaborative approach to data, using federated learning.


Upcoming Grants of Interest

Working with Owkin
& adapting to your consortium needs

Owkin can support your consortium in one of two capacities, based on your research topic and the needs of your project:

As a technology provider & expert

and subcontractor to the consortium. Owkin brings its expertise in deploying and maintaining its open source federated learning framework for your consortium members. We also provide our proprietary federated strategies and privacy enhancing technology. We can work within one or more work packages as a subcontractor to one of the grant beneficiaries.

As a research partner

and fully involved project member from the writing the grant proposal to setting-up the infrastructure. Owkin will collaborate in addressing the major medical or technological challenges tackled by the consortium. We will bring our experience in building successful applications & consortia, as well as our large network of partners.

Working with Owkin in your consortium will give you access to our cutting edge federated learning technology and to our highly curated medical data and research networks.