Giving you access to high-quality AI-ready datasets from top-tier research centers


Our Federated Learning software and research network give us unrivaled access to high-quality, high-value data. Federated learning ensures privacy, compliance, and swift access to data sourced from trusted and up-to-date sources. We leverage existing clinical trial and registry data from top-tier research centers to give you access to heterogeneous, disease-specific datasets that Key Opinion Leaders have expertly curated. Our fit-for-purpose data combine longitudinal-follow-up of high dimensional (e.g., images) and multimodal data to help your AI teams build predictive models.


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Bespoke Data Hunt Service


We can work closely with you to define Data Hunts that specifically meet your research needs.  Owkin Data Hunts leverage our research network and experience sourcing and curating AI-ready data to deliver you access to the data you most need in approximately eight weeks.

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