Owkin welcomes political advisor Yedidia Levy-Zauberman as SVP of Public Affairs & Impact

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Date:June 21st, 2022


Owkin welcomes political advisor Yedidia Levy-Zauberman as SVP of Public Affairs & Impact

Paris, June 21st – Owkin is delighted to welcome Yedidia Levy-Zauberman, a former advisor to the French government, as SVP of Public Affairs & Impact. 

Yedidia will work closely with governmental and economic stakeholders across the world to help Owkin achieve its mission of finding the right treatment for every patient.

As an experienced political and diplomatic advisor, Yedidia will help both academic and private partners to benefit from federated learning as the solution for the safe and effective sharing of health data. He will work with governmental and regulatory bodies to encourage the adoption of cutting-edge machine learning technologies that can transform the way that patients are treated.

Yedidia Levy-Zauberman, SVP of Public Affairs & Impact at Owkin, said:

I am proud and happy to join Owkin and look forward to contributing to its mission to help patients through the power of technology. Owkin is a cutting-edge healthcare technology company and I am delighted to join the team in reaching new frontiers that will transform the healthcare sector.

Thomas Clozel MD, Co-founder and CEO of Owkin, said:

I am delighted to welcome Yedidia to Owkin at a crucial moment in our growth. His years of experience at the highest levels of government will help Owkin to fulfil its mission of finding the right treatment for every patient.

He will play an important role in ensuring that more patients can benefit from the potential of cutting-edge machine learning technologies to transform healthcare.

About Yedidia

After a career in finance and investment, Yedidia entered the public sector by working as an advisor in the French Parliament and then as an advisor to the Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of International and EU Affairs. 

Since 2017, Yedidia has held several positions within President Macron’s administration, including as advisor to the Ministry on Higher Education, Research and Innovation, as Deputy Chief of Staff at the Minister for Ecology and Sustainable Development and as Special Advisor for European Affairs.

Yedidia holds a Master’s Degree from Sciences Po Paris and also studied at SOAS University of London and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy in Boston.

About Owkin

Owkin is a French-American startup that uses artificial intelligence to find the right treatment for every patient. Our focus is to use AI to discover and develop better treatments for unmet medical needs, starting with the fight against cancer.

We use AI to identify new drug candidates, de-risk and accelerate clinical trials and build diagnostic tools that improve patient outcomes. Using federated learning, a pioneering collaborative AI framework, Owkin enables medical and biopharma partners to unlock valuable insights from siloed datasets while protecting patient privacy and securing proprietary data. 

Owkin was co-founded by Thomas Clozel MD, a former assistant professor in clinical onco-hematology, and Gilles Wainrib, a pioneer in the field of machine learning in biology, in 2016. Owkin has raised over $300 million and became a unicorn through a $180 million investment from biopharma company Sanofi in November 2021.