CONDOR, an Owkin precision medicine project, is awarded a €10m RHU grant


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Date:December 16th, 2021


CONDOR, an Owkin precision medicine project, is awarded a €10m RHU grant

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December 8th 2021, Paris

CONDOR, a project to advance precision medicine for patients with soft-tissue sarcoma, has been awarded a €10M ‘Hospital-University research in health’ (RHU) grant by the French government.

CONDOR is a research collaboration between Owkin and Institute Bergonié, led by Professor Antoine Italiano of the Institute. It also involves Centre Leon Berard, Institute Gustave Roussy, Domain Therapeutics, Cordeliers Research Centre, National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm), and ExpliCyte.

CONDOR aims to change the treatment landscape for patients with soft-tissue sarcoma by implementing immunotherapy as a successful strategy. To reach this goal, the teams involved in the project will decipher the sarcoma microenvironment by using high throughput technologies, develop and validate robust biomarkers through to -omics and AI approaches, and introduce innovative drugs to clinics.

The RHU initiative aims to support innovative and large-scale healthcare research projects. Focused on translational research, RHU projects bring together academic centres, hospitals and corporates to solve important unmet medical needs.

Announced by Olivier Véran, Minister of Solidarity and Health, Frédérique Vidal, Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and Guillaume Boudy, Secretary General for Investment, this wave of RHU grants involves 17 projects covering various therapeutic areas and medical needs and includes a total of €142M in funding.

The RHU projects are funded by the Investments for the Future Program (PIA), which is administered by the French government’s National Research Agency (ANR).

Read more from the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation (in French).