COVID-19Open AI Consortium

Owkin is introducing the Covid-19 Open AI Consortium (COAI) to bring breakthrough medical discoveries and actionable findings to the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In this global health crisis, healthcare systems and clinicians are overwhelmed by the number of patients and lack of reliable methodologies to assess disease evolution to improve patient treatment and anticipate bottlenecks in the healthcare systems. AI models, built on clinical records (diagnosis, treatment, outcome), radiology, laboratory, and demographic data can help predict prognosis, response to treatment, adverse events, public health risks, and other challenging scientific questions.

COAI Mission

The Covid-19 Open AI consortium aims to increase collaborative research, to accelerate clinical development of effective treatments for Covid-19, and to share all of its findings with the global medical and scientific community. More precisely, COAI will unite collaborators: academic institutions, researchers, data scientists and industrial partners, to fight the Covid-19 pandemic. 

To do so, COAI will operate within specific research areas led by steering committees comprised of principal investigators (PIs). The first live research area explores Cardiovascular Complications in Covid-19 patients. Upcoming research areas include then Patient Outcomes and Triage, Prediction and Characterization of Immune Response, and other organ complications.

Collaborative Science

COAI operates under the following principles: 

  1. Fund collaborative research projects involving academic, pharma and technology partners;
  2. All COAI members will be free to co-publish on scientific research;
  3. All machine learning models developed within COAI will be open-sourced under permissive licenses, after publication;
  4. Deploy federated learning technologies to power collaborative research on distributed data (pseudo-anonymized, curated, multimodal cohorts);
  5. Build the Covid-19 Data Platform under the guidance of the steering committees (pseudo-anonymized, curated, multimodal cohorts);
  6. Preserve data privacy in compliance with GDPR and HIPAA.

Owkin is offering its machine learning expertise and federated learning technologies to the medical and scientific community in the fight against Covid-19.

COAI Cardiovascular Complications

Many people who contract Covid-19 exhibit underlying cardiovascular disease or develop acute cardiac and microvascular injury, such as myocarditis. Cardiovascular comorbidities are common in patients with Covid-19. Understanding how these patients are at higher risk of morbidity and mortality is crucial. 

Owkin is partnering with Capacity Covid, a leading international registry working with over 50 centers worldwide to generate open-access, license-free and FAIR results, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Folkert Asselbergs, and with four other leading PIs: Prof. Dr. Jose Ramon Gonzalez Juanatey, Prof. Dr. Pedro Filipe Lopes Silva Monteiro, Prof. Dr. Gregory Ducrocq, and Dr. Stephen Weng, to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the role of hypertension in the outcome of Covid-19: is it causative? Can secondary tissue microvascular lesions be characterized and explained? 
  2. Can we predict which Covid-19 patients will have acute cardiac complications including viral myocarditis, type 1 and 2 myocardial infarctions, heart failure, acute coronary syndromes, and arrhythmias? 
  3. Which patients are at risk of developing a pulmonary embolism? 
  4. Which Covid-19 patients are at higher risk of cardiovascular secondary events?
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