Biohackathon ELIXIR Europe 2021Terms & Conditions

Project 30: Federated Learning and Machine Learning to power integrated diagnostics of breast cancer

Competition Description 

More details about project 30 can be found on Github.


More details about the dataset, including algorithms that have been tried on it and their levels of success, can be found at (the “Public Data”). The dataset is made available under a CC0 license. 

Owkin provides to participants:

  • the federated learning software Owkin Connect, including the environments with GPUs. 
  • the tile-level tumor classification histopathology datasets based on the Public Data (Owkin published a paper that mentions the methodology for getting tile-level annotation) (the “Modified Data”);
  • Best effort support throughout the machine learning challenge. 

(Together the “Owkin Materials”). 


Any content published in Kaggle inClass is related to the machine learning challenge only. Data annotated by Owkin should not be extracted from their environments and re-used for other research and machine learning projects. 

Intellectual Property

Owkin intellectual property.

As the owner of the Owkin Materials, Owkin guarantees that it can grant access to Owkin Materials for the Data Challenge execution.

Owkin retains all intellectual property rights related to the Owkin Materials, including all of its previous, current and future developments, updates and versions. The rights to use the Owkin Materials granted under these terms and conditions does not entail any transfer of any intellectual property rights to the participants.

The participants undertake not to delete or alter the copyright notice appearing on the Owkin Materials.

The participants shall refrain from infringing Owkin’s intellectual property rights to the Owkin Materials, in any way whatsoever. The participants shall also refrain from using or employing the Owkin Materials in a manner that does not comply with these terms and conditions. In particular, he or she shall refrain from the following:

  • any reproduction of the Owkin Materials, in any form and through any type of medium whatsoever, in particular by modification, merger or inclusion and/or modification;
  • any translation, adaptation, arrangement or modification of the Owkin Materials;
  •  any representation of the Owkin Materials through any medium whatsoever;
  •  any provision in whole or in part and by any means (rental, sale, etc.) of the Owkin Materials through any medium whatsoever;
  • any disclosure, marketing or use of the Owkin Materials for the benefit of third parties;
  • any modification to or action taken on the Owkin Materials, regardless of its nature, including for the purpose of correcting errors that may affect the operation of the Owkin Materials, insofar as the right to correct said errors is reserved solely for Owkin.

Participant intellectual property.

The participants are and become the owners of any results developed, created or discovered by them while using Owkin Materials during the Data Challenge (the “Results”). However the participants agree and are committed when adding their code to the BioHackathon projects repository to open source their code under the MIT licence.

Third parties intellectual property.

Any use of third parties intellectual property shall respect the terms of the licenses that granted the rights to use such intellectual property, in particular regarding the paternity reference and the publication requirements. 

Warranty exclusions

Each participant acknowledges that his or her participation in the Data Challenge is voluntary and will not be subject to any remuneration in any form whatsoever.

The Owkin Materials are provided on a “as is” basis. Therefore, Owkin excludes any warranty in respect to the Owkin Materials and or any results generated, created or discovered by the participants during the Data Challenge and or while using the Owkin Materials. The participant accepts that the Owkin Materials and in particular the IT environment is not fully reliable and functional, that it may contain errors, design flaws or other problems, and that its use may lead to unexpected results.

Each participant is solely responsible for his or her use of the Owkin Materials and shall bear all risks associated with the use of the Owkin Materials, including but not limited to: instability, malfunctioning, loss of data, and other damage or loss.

Within the limits of applicable law, Owkin shall not be held liable to the participants for any direct or indirect damage or loss whatsoever (such as commercial or financial damage) resulting from any inability to access the Owkin Materials or any use of the Owkin Materials.

Owkin shall not be held liable in the event of legal proceedings initiated by third parties against the participants due to the illicit or illegal use of the Owkin Materials.

Owkin reserves the right to share usage statistics of the Owkin Materials based on the aggregation of anonymized participants’ metadata.

The participants acknowledge and accept that access to the Owkin Materials may be occasionally suspended due to maintenance operations necessary for its functioning. Owkin shall not be held responsible for the possible impact of this unavailability on the participants  activities.

Public Data and Modified Data

Public Data and Modified Data made available to the participants during the Data Challenge via the Owkin Materials, in particular the IT Environment, comes from public medical databases:

The participants acknowledge and accept that the IT Environment is not intended to load private data onto the IT Environment.

The participants shall comply with the terms of use of the Public Data loaded on the IT environment and consider Owkin’s ownership on the Modified Data that shall not be used for other purposes than the Data Challenge execution.  

Personal data

Collection. To ensure the security of the Owkin Materials and in particular the IT environment provided to the participants, and the traceability of this IT environment, Owkin uses automated, computerized processes to collect login information and personal data entered by the participants to access the IT environment, as well as usage data from the the IT environment, such as the times at which the participants logs in and out and the actions carried out on the IT environment. This personal data is collected lawfully and fairly, and processed for the specific and legitimate purposes identified in this article, and used in accordance with these purposes. Owkin will ensure that the collection of such personal data will be carried out in a manner that is adequate, relevant and not excessive with regard to the purpose of the processing. This data is subject to protective measures designed to ensure security and confidentiality so as to prevent their corruption, modification, destruction or communication to unauthorized third parties. By participating in this Data Challenge, the participants agree that his or her personal data will be collected as part of his or her usage of the Owkin Materials.

Purpose of the data processing. The purpose of collecting personal data is to improve the use of Owkin Materials and facilitate its operation, to assess its use by the participants, and to ensure its security by controlling access and monitoring log-in histories.

Recipients. The personal data collected is intended for the individuals within Owkin and its subsidiaries in charge of processing the information. The personal data collected in connection with operational feedback from the Owkin Materials is intended for the individuals in charge of improving Owkin Materials, and in particular the technical teams of Owkin and its subsidiaries. By participating in the Data Challenge, the participants authorize Owkin to share all the information collected with its suppliers, subcontractors and affiliated companies to carry out the processing mentioned above, if necessary. In this case, the suppliers, subcontractors, subsidiaries or affiliates will be informed of any corrections and/or deletions of personal data.

Retention period. Pursuant to the European General Data Protection Regulation, the participants are informed that their personal data and in particular, login information are not retained beyond the time necessary for the purposes of the processing. Data relating to access traceability is stored for a maximum of six (6) months, in accordance with the recommendations of the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL). Other data will be retained for the entire duration of the contractual relationship between Owkin and the participants.

Right of access, rectification, deletion and of access, rectification, deletion and erasure. Owkin may supplement, modify, delete or erase incomplete, inaccurate or outdated personal data relating to the operation of the Owkin Materials, either at its own initiative or at the written request of the participants. In addition, the data processing has been entered into Owkin’s register of processing operations in its capacity as data controller. The participants have the right to access, modify, delete and erase personal information concerning each of them. These rights may be exercised by sending a letter to the following address: Cabinet Racine, Maître Eric Barbry, 40, rue de Courcelles, 75008 Paris, France, or by email to the following email address:

Right to lodge a complaint. If, after contacting Owkin using the above contact details, a participant believes that the rights pertaining to his or her data have not been respected, he or she may send a complaint to the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) at the following address:

Obligations of the participants

In general, the participants acknowledge having familiarized with the purpose, functionalities and operating procedure of the Owkin Materials.

The participants may inform Owkin of all bugs, errors and other operating anomalies of the Owkin Materials.

The participants undertake to use the Owkin Materials:

  •  in accordance with its intended purposes, 
  • for personal and research use only,
  • for the duration of the Data Challenge,
  • if any, with Owkin’s recommendations and guidelines. 

Owkin reserves the right to audit the participants’ use of the Owkin Materials, to ensure compliance with these terms and conditions for Owkin Materials Use.


Any publication should be done in accordance with the following principles:

  • Not any publication based on Owkin Materials could be done without the prior validation by Owkin of the publication (in particular to protect Owkin intellectual property rights on Owkin Materials);
  • Any publication shall associate Owkin as co-author of the paper;
  • Any publication shall indicate the identity of the Public Data owner and the original provenance of Public Data:

Applicable law, dispute resolution. These terms and conditions for the participant participation in the Data Challenge are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute relating to the interpretation, performance or validity of these terms and conditions, express jurisdiction is attributed to the competent court within the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal, even if there are multiple defendants or a claim for contribution from a third party, and even for emergency proceedings or interim, summary or ex parte proceedings.