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PHARM AI is our flagship project for Pharmaceutical researchers at the preclinical and clinical trial phase. PHARM AI works on target discovery and validation, biomarker pattern recognition and machine-learning based prediction modeling so that molecular libraries are used more effeciently for drugability optimization, clinical trials are more effective and drugs can make it to the correct patients faster.

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Kompare is our software for clinical treatement and population comparison. In-house cancer centers or physicians can lease our Kompare software to run their own analysis on their patient data to improve clinical decision by utilizing our unique data enhancement, data analysis and network of like-minded clinicians.

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A biointelligent global health study In collecting, understanding and finding similar molecular patterns among exceptional patients who have unique response to treatment or resistance to disease thanks to our AI algorithms and DeepSNP technology, we aim to to create for the medical community new and valuable discoveries to develop innovating treatments in unmet medical needs.

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